Skylight is a photo frame you can email photos to, and they appear in seconds!

"This awesome gadget has really helped to keep our family connected even while we're apart" - Logan

Perfect gift

The perfect gift for a loved one

There's no better way to put a smile on mom or grandma's face than to share a special photo -- perhaps a glimpse of your kids playing, or a magical moment from your exotic vacation adventure!

Sure, you can share on Instagram or text. But grandma & grandpa get left behind that way. And even if mom has a smartphone, there's still something magical about having a physical home for your most treasured photos.

Effortless to use

Delightfully effortless to use

We get it -- digital photo frames have always sucked. They never get updated. They sit in closets.

But we've built something that just works, in three easy steps:
1. Connect Skylight to a power source and it powers right up.
2. Tap our touch screen to connect to Wi-Fi in <60 seconds.
3. Send photos to your unique Skylight email, and they arrive in seconds. Your loved one just sits back & enjoys!

Effortless to use

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

With tens of thousands of happy customers, we're confident you'll love your Skylight. That's why we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee -- or your money back!



1 minute set up

Just plug Skylight in, tap the screen to log into your wi-fi network, and go!

Email photos to your

Skylight in seconds

Everyone in the fam can send to your Skylight's unique email from phone or computer, and photos arrive in seconds.


touch screen display

Mom can swipe through photos, browse the gallery, delete photos, or pause the slideshow, all with just a tap.

Skylight highlights

newly arrived photos

A visual notification makes it easy to see when new photos have arrived.

The "Heart" button

lets you say thank you

Your loved one can tell you they loved a photo just by tapping the Heart button. Skylight then emails you to let you know!

Enjoy photos without wi-fi

Skylight requires wi-fi to receive new photos, but you can still view photos without a wi-fi connection.



"I ordered Skylight thinking it'd be a good gift for my grandma who is largely home bound.

I never anticipated the amount of joy Skylight would bring her.

During my wedding abroad, we sent her photos throughout the trip. She absolutely loved it! It made her feel like she was right there with us!"

– Marianna S.

"It's so easy to use! This is the very best part. I gave it to my mom for Christmas, asked my aunts who live all over the US to send pictures, and when

when it was revealed on Christmas Day it made her cry


– Kelly Ann R.

"Thanks for helping our parents

see their grandson grow up from 1100 miles away


– Jeffrey S.

"I have been a software developer for almost thirty years and it is

rare that I see a product that works so well and works so seamlessly


– Zev H.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I activate my frame?

To activate your Skylight, you can visit There, you will set up your Skylight account and create your unique Skylight email address (e.g. to retrieve your 6-digit activation code.


How do I send photos to Skylight?

To send photos to Skylight, simply draft an email with your unique Skylight email address (e.g. as the recipient and include the photos as attachments. The photos will appear on your device within seconds!

How many photos can I send at a time?

When sending via email, you can attach up to 30MB of content to share with Skylight. If you are a Plus subscriber and are using our mobile app or online Cloud Portal (i.e., you can share up to 100MB of content at a time.

How many photos can Skylight hold?

Skylight is equipped with 8GB of storage, which is room for up to ~8,000 photos.

What are the buttons and ports on the back of the frame?

Though many of the buttons and ports on the back of the frame do not have current function, you can use the power button to power your frame on and off, and the volume up and down buttons to adjust audio when you touch the screen and when videos display on your frame with Skylight Plus.

Can I send photos to multiple frames at the same time?

Yes! You can send photos to multiple frames by including each unique Skylight address in the recipient line of your email. If you are a Plus subscriber, you can also select multiple frames when sending through the mobile app and our online Cloud Portal (i.e.

Can others send photos to Skylight?

Yes! You can share your unique Skylight email address with others so they can email photos to your Skylight. This is also a great way to have everyone in the family send photos to a loved one's Skylight.

Does the Skylight Frame have a battery?

No, Skylight does not have a battery. It will only work if it is plugged in.


Can I set up Skylight before gifting it to someone?

Yes! You can set up the Skylight with your personal email address and begin sending photos. Once the frame is connected to WiFi and activated, the photos will automatically begin downloading. Additionally, you will be able to transfer ownership of the frame online at

What if the person I’m gifting Skylight to doesn’t have WiFi?

Content will display on Skylight with or without a WiFi connection, but it requires WiFi for initial setup and to receive new photos. This can be achieved with a temporary connection using a mobile hotspot. Any photos that are sent to Skylight while it is disconnected will queue for download until it is connected once more.

Do you have a gift option in your orders?

We do not yet have a gift option or the ability to add a message to your order on our website, but we are working on it! Skylight comes in a beautiful, ready-to-gift box. If you are looking for gift packaging, purchasing through Amazon will allow you to select a gifting option.

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