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Add A Photo Screensaver To Your Calendar

Seamlessly shift between calendar and photo frame mode with Calendar Photo Plus for just $39/year. Cancel anytime.

How It Works

Email photos to your Calendar’s unique email address or upload them in the app.

Photos will appear instantly on your photo slideshow screensaver.

Simply tap the screen to exit your photo slideshow and view your events.

Grand Canyon picture displayed on the Skylight app
Skylight Calendar display demonstrating slideshow screensaver

Your Favorite Memories On Display

With the Photo Plus Plan, your favorite memories will pop up on the device you check the most. That way, your Skylight Calendar always has a purpose, even when you’re not using it.

And here’s a tip: loved ones can send photos directly to your Cal, too! Be it via email or the app, loved ones can surprise you with new memories each and every day.