Welcome to Skylight Frame

Your Frame comes bundled with one free year of Skylight Plus - a subscription that allows you to:

  • send videos to your Skylight
  • add captions to photos
  • use the Skylight mobile and web apps

To enable these features, please register for Plus below and use code "FREEPLUS2020".

You will not be charged for your first year of Plus. After that, Plus will cost only $39/year, and you can cancel anytime.


Be sure to purchase with the same email that you use to activate your Frame.

Use FREEPLUS2020 For Free Access To These Features!

Send videos to Skylight

With video, your loved ones can really be there with you -- for your son’s first steps, your daughter’s big game, your anniversary surprise, and all your other special moments! We promise they’ll replay these moments over and over.

Photos with Captions

Add text captions to photos

Add a little note to help each photo come alive -- anything from “Merry Christmas, Mom!” and “This is us beneath the Eiffel Tower ” to “This is right after Lilly snorted her milk!”

Photos with Captions
Skylight Mobile App

Manage & share photos from our mobile & web apps

Our mobile and web apps let you see all your Skylight photos, send more with a single tap, share them with friends, and download or delete them easily.

Skylight Plus FAQs

Can others in the family access these features too?

Yes! The Skylight Plus subscription can be used by everyone in the family who sends to your Skylight.

How long can the videos be?

Skylight supports videos up to 1 minute long.

Videos take up a lot of space - will my Skylight run out of room?

We reformat your videos so that you can send hundreds of them without running out of space. And if space does get low, you can easily delete some videos from our web or mobile app.

How long can the text captions be?

Say it short and sweet! Skylight supports captions up to 300 characters. That's enough to wish mom a happy birthday and tell her how much you love her :)

How do the text captions appear on Skylight?

They appear at the bottom of a photo -- we format them so they're big enough to read, but don't cover up the photo.

On what devices can I use the app?

The Skylight app is available for desktop, iPhone, and Android.

What if I buy multiple Skylights?

For a limited time, one Skylight subscription gives you access to all premium features on all of your Skylights.

Can I cancel Skylight Plus?

Absolutely. You can cancel anytime right from our website.

Use offer code FREEPLUS2020 during checkout


Be sure to purchase with the same email that you use to activate your Frame.